Wednesday, November 16, 2011


According to my Godmother the Yanomami in Brazil also practice Natural infant hygiene.  So neat to hear about!!
We are amazed at how much happier Cai is. Poor thing was getting so upset at the idea of going in his diaper. It amazes me how quickly we are working out a rhythm. Yesterday he signaled that he wanted to pee with an ear piercing shriek and squirming. He freaked out if I didn't have him on the insert for Nia's toddler potty.
Today he is was so much happier. My husband came home and noticed it immediately. He lo es the neon green toddler potty but has rejected being on the other ones.   He does not want to be in the air but rather wants his butt and feet on the potty and does not like going on a cloth. Cai signaled by the end of today with a little body wiggle and a few noises. He got so happy when I understood what he wanted one time with just the body wiggle that he started giggling.
It is amazing how much better I understand him after doing this. I really am also amazed because I thought it would be a pain and instead it's been so easy. Just like breastfeeding the relationship is evolving everyday and becoming increasingly seamless. I'm so thankful that we decided to do this with him!

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  1. That's fascinating, Chrissy! I am completely enamored with your ability to listen to your children that way. Thank you for sharing your journey!