Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthing Nia

I've been meaning to write this for about a year and a half.

This is just my experience birthing my daughter... I love reading about other peoples birth so I figured that I would share mine.

We chose to birth at a birth center and used Hypnobabies as our childbirth preparation. We lived in Maryland at the time and therefore did not know about options we had for homebirth until 32 weeks.

On Friday the 13th of November at 7 am I started having contractions that were working. My hubby had his GRE that day so I told Nia you have to stay in until after he is done. I drove him to the exam and then drove to the chiropractor. The pressure waves were so intense that I thought several times I should just pull the car over and call my hubby.  Finally somehow I made it to the chiropractor.

There was a pancake house below the office and I ate an entire stack of chocolate chip pancakes. Thing just kept getting more and more intense. We still hadn't met our doula and I felt like we had to do that first because I did not trust one of the midwives who had joined the practice when we were 34 wks pregnant and had tried to get me to take stadol (however you spell that). She had no faith in a woman's ability to know her body. She kept telling me that since I had gained 40lbs I would have a giant baby I would not be able to get out. I kept telling her I would have my baby on the 14 th and she would be 7lbs 10 oz.

After meeting our doula, eating a pound of pasta, and having bloody show we called our midwives to say we were going to come in. The midwife I didn't trust was on call. I knew then that I was screwed and counted the hours till she would be off. Literally I felt my labor shut down and my body hold in our daughter.

I went to sleep but a couple of hours later we decided we had to come in. The midwife kept checking me and telling me how little progress I had made. Nia was incredibly far down but was posterior. Then suddenly she came back out of my pelvis and turned so that she was anterior. Then things got crazy. I had horrible back labor and was just trying to hold on to remain under hypnosis to relax my birthing muscles. Nothing worked the more I fought to remain in control the harder it got. My brain was on some other plane. I can only describe it was being in a completely altered state... like being totally under anesthesia but still able to feel pain.

The midwife I didnt trust finally came to me and told me she was leaving. I literally felt my bottom drop out. Suddenly i needed to get out of the tub and pace I was like a horse pacing her stall. I was in a totally primal and wild state. Finally after fighting against the pain I submitted. In submitting to my situation to the power and pain of transition I found relief. Literally I slept between every pressure wave wedged between my hubby and doula who kept me from falling.

I lay down on the bed and started pushing. I again slept between every contraction. Barely remembering to breathe between them because I was so deeply under hypnosis. It was so amazingly pleasurable. I can only describe it as the best feeling of my life. A 2.5 hour orgasm. Then when Nia's head came out it was unreal how good that felt. More powerful and pleasurable than a million orgasms all happening at once. Nia was slippery and so warm and immediately on my chest. That warm wet slippery squish was so wonderful. She was born at 2:30 on Saturday November 14 th.

Inspite of the many things I wished had gone differently I feel honored and amazed at  being able to experience the power of birthing.

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