Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First and second days of Natural Infant hygiene

So yesterday I felt like I had read enough of diaper free baby to being with Cai who will be 7 wks in a couple of days. The book we read was called diaper free baby. It had a great perspective that the natural infant hygiene relationship is like the breastfeeding one. To begin with you have to guess... ie its been 2 hours I'll just see if he wants to eat, or humm he is really fussy. And eventually grows into somehow just knowing the baby needs to nurse and having no way to explain how you knew. They also explained that the relationship like breastfeeding isn't formed overnight and you have good days and bad days.

So we began with the idea that for one week we would be totally diaper free except at night and when out of the house.

The first day was really hard. I think between Mac and I we had two catches. We held him in the standard position and made the cueing "pssss" sound over the sink when we tried. Usually 2 minutes after we had given up he would pee right on the floor or us.

This morning I was dreading the day and really thinking that its not worth it. But because I had bought the book I felt obliged to continue. Also, I thought of the 3.5 months it took us for Nia to be able to breastfeed.

Today was amazing with every catch I learned more about the position he liked, the noises he made before going and how he acted right before hand. He seemed to learn that if he made certain sounds he never even had to get his butt wet. Which made him very, very happy!

While he was asleep in my wrap carrier he woke up and fussed and I thought humm maybe he needs to go. That was when I felt a little warm wetness. And the only miss of the day.

The book we read was so helpful because it talks about other cultures where NIH is routinely practiced and the former practices in this country that led us to think early potty training was psychologically harmful. The old methods were really insane and abusive.

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