Friday, April 4, 2014

Cry it out

Looking back on tonight's puke-a-thon I wonder how I would have felt if I had let my daughter cry and walked in this morning to find her covered in dried vomit and diarrhea. So tonight yet again I had reinforced for me why we don't do cry it out with our kids.

Our daughter had fallen asleep and started crying about 20 minutes later. I went in to see what was wrong. There she was asleep crying. I gave her kisses and rubbed her head and she stopped.

A few minutes later she started crying again. I went in to find her covered in vomit and diarrhea. That has always been the way it is for us. Anytime she cries she needs something.

That being said we have changed in our approach. If she is crying inconsolably, begging to go to sleep while downstairs we take her up read a chapter of a book and then leave the room. If she cries at all its for no more than a couple of minutes and we are ok with that since these days she cannot fall asleep with us present. But if she cries for longer than that literally every time something major wrong.

That being said we co-slept till she was two when the arrival of her brother got her so excited that she couldn't sleep. Still often she sleeps with us. We both feel like co-sleeping is the natural thing to do. We've talked about not wanting to make people feel judged for what is right for their family and therefore saying nothing about the subject. This is simply our experience of life. With our kids what we have found and what we can live with. There is so much pressure on us as parents to do xyz that some expert says is "right" rather than following our own instincts. The reality is that someday our baby will sleep through the night or puke by herself, and clean herself up. No matter what I do about that day will come and I'm guessing that day will only come too soon.

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