Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Today my son... ugg... proved that boys are a whole different animal.

We're at the park with my 2 almost 3 year old son, Cai swinging from the monkey bars. Why on them at that age? Because "Mama but Dada lets me." Cai starts sneezing several times and I turn around see buggers streaming down his face and a rock in his hand. Apparently, he sneezed out the rock which  I'm assuming he put up there because I'm pretty sure nobody is born with a rock up their nose. I always thought that kids who did this kind of stuff were dumb. Cai is a super smart kiddo. He can read, he talks about really complicated things, memorizes everything in books. But lets just say... he may have to struggle with common sense or is it an overly adventurous spirit?

I say so you aren't going to do that again right? He seems pretty unhappy about the whole buggers down his face and rock coming out his nose. But this is the same son who likes to lick his baby brother's hair. He says oh no mama. Yeah right.

A few minutes after... He's crying because of what? Oh right another nose rock. This one is too far up to sneeze out. We leave the park with him crying and being carried. He's almost 40 lbs so that's quite a feat.

I bring out my handy dandy google. "How to get a rock out of kids nose" is the search term. I tried everything. Well nothing with tweezers because this rock was way way way up there. But this "mother's kiss," which has probably traumatized him so much that he won't have a first kiss till he's 30, that got it to come down a tiny, tiny bit. I waited until he fell asleep and tried it 3 more times. It kept coming down a tiny bit each time. Finally I gave up and went to go get a nose frida. Because if it can suck out snot.. why not rocks?

On the way back from the only store within 2 hours that carries a nose frida he starts sneezing and crying hysterically. Then suddenly stops crying and is happy as a lark. My husband, correct of course, said oh I bet it came out. As we are driving Cai says to Nia, "Don't put things up your nose NiNi!" Lets hope so!

So Cai and I sat after quite the day eating bunny treats talking about how much we don't put things up our nose. Lesson learned. This time a combination of Saline up his other nostril, "mother's kiss" and sneezing worked. Most importantly never turn your back on a kid who just stuck a rock up his nose.

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