Friday, September 5, 2014

Long, Curly/ Wavy Hair

So for most of my life I have had little to no knowledge of what to do with my curly/wavy hair. This has led to my bouncing between long hair and short hair over and over again.

Finally I think I have figured it out! Well begun to. It makes me wonder... does everyone else know what to do with their hair?

So my main objections to my hair have been. 

1. Nobody knows how to cut really thick hair except people who charge 60 or more dollars for a cut. There is no way I'm paying for that often enough to not have really a ton of split ends.
2. Somedays when the stars align I have amazing ringlets. The ones people spend a lot of time in hot rollers for. I could never figure out what I could to to get these all the time. 
3. Frizz which is the real issue.
4. Hair that is 1/2 frizz and the other half ringlets.
5. Needing about 20 leave in conditioners to keep my hair healthy at any length. Because I am really a fish and love, love, love to swim. 

So here are some solutions I've come up with.

1. Haircuts are stupid expensive. Why pay someone 30 for a crappy haircut they do with thinning sheers that give me split ends all over and leave me needing a year of haircuts every 2 months to rectify the situation. I could instead cut my own hair! I know I had never even thought of such a thing. I have been cutting everyone in our family's hair from the start just to save money. I even debated asking my husband to cut it. But lets be honest... that's just a bad idea. Anyway I've watched about 30 youtube videos of how to cut your hair. These are just amazingly helpful. I've also given myself about 4 or 5 haircuts at this point and I have to say this is just about the best haircut I've ever had. The only one I liked as well was when I had waist length hair that was cut by a hairdresser who had the same hair. So now I have a haircut I love that cost me about $20 total. I'm sure eventually I'll have to replace my scissors. But aside from that my minimal investment has saved me around 150 at least.

2. Amazing ringlets can be created. And not just with hot rollers that make you have to chop off all your hair. During my shower while letting the conditioner soak in I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb. Then I put on infusium 23 which I love. And then towel dry. I found that herbal essences totally twisted mousse gives me beautiful ringlets with just a few scrunches. That is what I do after the shower if I'm starting my day.

3. The solution to half matted frizzy hair has been to put in no heat rollers. They are just amazing. I know I worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep in them but my advice if you want to try them is think about how you sleep best. I'm a side sleeper. So I did a little mohawk and put all the curlers in so that the curls would start below my eye level. Since this is where my curls naturally start anyway it works really well. So I slept all night in these and aside from when I switched sides or sat up to nurse the baby I really didn't notice them. The end result was absolutely gorgeous! I was amazed. I both got to sleep, have healthy hair and didn't look just odd and bed draggled in the morning!

4. The frizz funnily seems to be solved by a spray bottle with some water and infusium mixed together in it. It doesn't need much but goes a long way and is easy and cheap. Also, there is this argon oil that I love to spray on which makes it glow.

5. I'm now going to say I haven't found the solution to 20 different leave in conditioners. I can't wash my hair right after swimming because I'm with our 3 little ones but I can say I have found some leave in conditioners which seem to be treating my hair well. Coconut oil from the middle down, olive oil, argon oil, infusium. They all seem to really help. I have to say the best leave in conditioner I ever used is this stuff called cholesterol or something like that. It was the only way I kept my waist length hair from hating me and vice versa. But I don't have any right now. 

I have to say those painfully frizzy teenage years where my mom made me brush my hair every morning hoping that it would look better would have been much easier if I had known any of the above. Hopefully it will help someone! Oh also, never ever brush curly hair unless your goal is frizz. Just use a wide tooth comb in the shower after conditioning.

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