Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I have been off facebook for a year and finally went back on. Really just because I wanted to know when the Golden Kinghts and Thunderbirds were performing at the local airshow so we didn't have to keep our three kids under four out in the 100 degree heat. But facebook apparently tells people you are back. So you reconnect with people and its fun.

Then you slowly start to see the utter hypocrisy of it all. I mean the whole thing is people lying to each other about who they are. Facebook is like the best filtered image of yourself. It could be called the lies I tell other people so I don't have to admit who I am to myself.

So today I read about this "poet" who is an old family friend who wrote or performed a poem about preventing violence against women. I still remember this guy pushing my head against the asphalt threatening to smash my head into it for laughing. Yeah that's the guy who knows how to prevent violence against women.

Boys like that what do they grow up to be? Tightly leashed hypocrites? Because I'm pretty sure he didn't write that poem about the teenage boy he was who liked to threaten to smash in teenage girls heads. I'm sorry but healing may be possible but would you trust a man who had been that boy? I can tell you I would never be alone with him again.

The solution to violence against women? People there to protect girls and women against boys like that. People who stand between an angry confused boy and his victims. And those people are not women. They are other men. Men who don't let angry teenage boys around their daughters. Boys who protect their sisters. Because one thing I know for sure... his sister didn't do a thing to stop him.

All I can do is pray my sons don't become part of this system of violence. That I can raise them to know they protect, that their roles as men are to prevent violence, to be the peacemakers, to love God and their neighbor as the first and highest roles in their lives.

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