Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Oh, is he your first?"

I love it when I'm alone with just Gabe... people assume I have 1 kid.

I get all that obnoxious. ignorant advice I got as a first time mom but fretted over. People come up to me because he's chewing on the strap of the ergo and think they need to mention he's doing that. Because first time Moms... well they don't have eyes, ears or brains. Then I smile and say oh he's fine just teething. And then they proceed to tell me you know what I think he's teething... yup that's what he is he's cutting teeth. Because first time moms cannot be heard.

So I just smile and nod... or tell them that he's fine. Then they eventually ask "Oh Is he your first." I say no my 3rd. In Iowa... if you have more than 3 you've got "such a big family". I mean people try to give us coupons to help feed our "big family" Of course its for food we can't eat but nice none the less.

It amazes me how much as a first time mom I used to worry about what people thought. When strangers off the street told me to my face that I was a bad mother for not putting socks on my daughter when it was cold out. I actually cared. I didn't punch them in the face. I tried to explain that she didn't like socks and it made her feet too hot.

My husband could literally take her to the store in a diaper and nobody would say a word... he was a good Dad just for having his cute baby with him. Of course as he said they were thinking how did Mom ever let this kid out of the house like this?

It amazes me how people run down first time Moms. Its like they sense the vulnerability of inexperience and they attack you. But you know what I learned those same people who attacked me for my daughter not wearing socks... they later (after my second) told me their kids didn't talk to them. Was it because of the socks?

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