Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Honey & Lavender Shampoo

DIY Lavender & Honey Shampoo

Why I Love this Recipe

This is my favorite shampoo. It smells very similar to my favorite ice cream. Honey/Lavender... yumm! That is definitely part of what makes it such a favorite!

For my actual hair. I tend to have dry hair and can use this with the occasional oil or other treatment without my hair feeling or looking greasy or dried out. Before this recipe the DIY shampoos I'd make always left my hair so dried out. 

So because my hair was dry I would make conditioner which would leave my hair looking greasy. So I was left with no good options really.

But this one I think because it has the coconut milk and honey and a little soap just seems to work perfectly!

The Story

 When our second son was around 9 months old he ended up developing lots of food allergies.

Long story short we figured out he had celiac disease and ended up getting him onto a full paleo diet! 

We looking into the store bought natural beauty products. Many of them contained milk, nut oils, wheat or other ingredients he was allergic to. There were few if any that didn't have something he was allergic to. For a LONG time we couldn't use normal shampoo and conditioners.

Finally I turned to a great book Better Basics for the Home. I started making all our own homemade products. Back then I was just learning what different things did for your hair. 

Finally after years of experimenting I've actually found a recipe that I love! This was, like most good things, an accident, a small helper altering a recipe and me deciding to just keep going!


The basic point of shampoo is to get all the dirt and grease out of your hair without stripping it to the point that it ends up with dry dead ends. This also makes a great gentle body wash.

We started with the basic liquid soap. I love making our own liquid soap (Recipe to follow). It's cheap and it lasts forever!

The liquid soap alone would get your scalp sparkling clean and strip every ounce of moisture out of your hair.

The coconut milk contains as ingredients: coconut, water and guar gum. Here is the nutritional information.


Combine the coconut milk, liquid soap, and honey and whisk. Pour then into a pan over medium heat until the mixture is well combined. Usually this takes 2-5 minutes.

Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Add lavender essential oil. I like to add only 5 drops. Add more or less based on your personal preference.

Pour into containers and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite DIY shampoo recipe?

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