Friday, January 16, 2015

Mom Days

Do you ever have one of those Mom Days? The days when you are too exhausted, morning sick (read all day sick), baby is teething, kids are sick and just don't feel up for... well anything?

I'll give you an example. Today! Haha...

But really today I've been up with the baby all night long...


For the past week... and I quite frankly feel awful, grumpy and really don't want to get dressed and ready for the day. On days like this if I stay in pajamas all day I feel even worse. Although, it does tell my husband exactly how bad the day was :-) So he usually comes in the door takes one look at my pajamas and says you need to go to bed. Then instead I do the cooking, kids bedtime etc and don't get enough sleep again.

What I've found works really well is planning on having bad days. So now, unless I am really sick and actually going to spend most of the day in bed I have a game plan.

On days when I have challenges I have planned ahead my hair, makeup and outfits!

For hair (1 minute):
  • My hair is always super easy thanks to Lilla Rose's hairclips. 
  • Messy bun. 
  • Bobby pins to pull back my bangs. 

For makeup (1 minute)
  • Eyebrow wax
  • Mascara
  • Blush
For clothes
  • I take some time and put together 3-5 outfits for the season when I am feeling good and have time. 
  • These include a skirt, shirt, sweater, and whatever other layers are necessary for modesty and warmth. 
  • They are comfy and clothes that I love wearing in colors that make me look great.
  • I pick out 3 accessories that pull each outfit together
I write all this on note cards and post it inside my closet door. I also like to post inspirational quotes there too :-)

Its a great way to make sure that even when exhausted I'm still taking care of myself and it makes me feel so much better! Still, when I'm really sick, I find it helpful to stay in pajamas. My kids now know if Mom is in pajamas its a sick day! Which means easy food, movies and lots of cuddling in bed :-) I'm sure when they grow up they'll tell me the sick days were the most fun! :-)

Here's a fun video of me on a Mom Day :-) 

What do you do when you have one of those days?

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