Thursday, January 8, 2015

Paleo "Peanut butter" Chocolate Fudge

Tonight I made my husband chocolate fudge loosely inspired by this recipe on Foraged Dish.

My husband came home with potato chips for me... this is what happens when two foodies fall in love and have babies ;-) Gone are the days, or weeks, of snacking on expensive cheese. Back to basics, so to speak!

The kids and I had an awesome time laughing together while dreaming of our final fudge :-) I hope you do too!!

Next time I make it I'm going to add some dried cranberries or other dried fruit. I'm very allergic to tree nuts so if you can eat them add some in for me. Pistachios or pecans... drool!

Forgive the poor quality photo! Our computer's card reader broke :-( Will update with better photos when we get the cord!

Here was my recipe:
I melted the coconut oil and threw everything into the vitamix. lined a cake pan with waxed paper, then poured it all in, refrigerated for 1 hour, and boy it was good!

*Note if you are tired from a long day... remember to take the spoon out of your vitamix. I'm just saying! :-P

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