Monday, May 25, 2015

What do you eat? Day 1

Paleo... But... what do you eat?

The top question I get when people find out we eat fruits, vegetables, and meats is kind of surprising. But what do you eat?

And its so funny because that is the same question I used to wonder myself all the time. 

When we were first struggling with the Celiac diagnosis I just made the same things I always had but gluten free. Honestly, we were healthier than while eating wheat but not a whole lot. 

I had never heard of the paleo diet but eventually we found ourselves on the paleo diet without ever intending to be. My son and I were experiencing severe reactions to all grains. So we were already eating: fruits, seeds, veggies, and meats but I had no idea what to make!

So this week my challenge to myself is presenting what we eat. Hopefully it will help inspire you!! 

Day 1

Breakfast: Today we started off the day with muffins and bacon! My wonderful husband got up early with the baby so I could catch up on some sleep and decided to treat us all to muffins and bacon. I didn't get any pictures of this but... just to round out the day... we ate paleo blueberry muffins and bacon.


Our lunch today was paleoish. We were able to finally add mozzarella into our diets, after several years of gut healing and growing the right bacteria in our guts first with coconut yogurt, then regular yogurt, then fermented butter, and then cheese!
Grilled steak with a caprese salad:


I think grilled steak is probably one of the easiest things possible to make. But its also never wracking!

So here is the method to my madness.
First I leave the steaks out of the fridge for a half hour while I make the salad. 

Then I drizzle evoo over the steaks and sprinkle with celtic sea salt and ground pepper on both sides. 

I preheat my grill for about 5 minutes on high. Then over direct heat I plop down those bad boys. At this point I resist touching them. It is incredibly hard because I'm so worried about them burning. So I set my timer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes has passed the steaks have released from the grill and are ready to cook on the other side. But first I hold the fatty side of the steak against the grill until the fat is slightly rendered. Then I turn it onto the uncooked side. 

Again I set my timer for another 5 minutes. After this time is up I feel the meat with my finger and compare it to my cheek. My husband likes it this texture. He's slowly over 8 years been converting me! I put his aside to rest on the serving platter.

The other two steaks I leave on for 2 more minutes and they are chin texture. I give those to myself and the kids. 

After all the steaks are done I place them on the serving platter and allow everything to rest. This only takes about 5 minutes but makes a world of difference in how juicy and evenly cooked the meat is!

As a final touch I drizzle a little evoo over the steaks and we're done!

Caprese Salad:

I've loved this salad since forever ago and am so thankful that I can finally eat it the way it was made to be... with cheese! If you cannot have cheese you can get the creamy texture of the cheese by using ripe avocado.

To make this salad I sliced and then quartered the mozzarella, 5 red and 5 brown tomatoes, and tore the basil into smaller pieces. Then I made a quick balsamic dressing with about a half cup olive oil, 1 tablespoon dijon mustard and then 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. Then I tossed them all in the vitamix and blended it till everything was well combined. 

I poured a good quarter cup of dressing over the salad and tossed it with my hands. We all loved it!


Today's dinner included a continuation of the lovely caprese salad we had for lunch with the addition of chicken wings and about half a watermelon. 

Again I did the wings on the grill.

For the wings... I marinaded them in some amazing salsa that my college roommate got us from the San Antonio farmers market. It was fantastic and really went well with the wings without making it too spicy .

The watermelon added an awesome sweet treat to the end of our meal! I sliced it in half then in quarters and the sliced those quarters into triangles. 
Hope these simple meals give you some inspiration!

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